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Yoga Poses & Foods To Beat The Bloat
Sep 02

Yoga Poses & Foods To Beat The Bloat

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you have been ontrack with your fitness goals and healthy eating but you STILL find yourself with a bloated tummy! Bloating is not only uncomfortable, but also a sign that your gut isn’t happy about something. It could be something you ate, or it could be a digestive issue (such as IBS). Apart from that, bloating is a normal part of life (for some people more than others) and there are lots of natural remedies to relieve this issue. We talk about digestion a lot in our 21 Day Detox Guide, and (surprise, surprise) certain health foods and yoga poses can do wonders when it comes to de-bloating!

“Digestion is something that we really focus on in our 21 Day Detox Guide, and even when I am not in detox mode, I prefer to enjoy foods that are easily digested. I live a really active lifestyle that involves a lot of yoga, water sports and even photo shoots — the last thing I need is an uncomfortable bloated belly! I find that crtain yoga poses and foods keep this at bay.”

— Suz


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It’s a well known fact that many yoga poses help with digestion — usually those that include a belly twist or forward fold. Most digestion poses are super simple and easy, making it easy to access them whenever you need. These are some of our top favourites:


  • Knees-to-chest pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Cat cow breaths
  • Standing forward bend


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  • Cayenne Pepper: This spice helps to increase digestive enzymes so that other foods are broken down more easily.




  • Yogurt: Full of probiotics, yogurt helps the body to digest and also to absorb nutrients.


  • Ginger: An anti-inflammatory and an a natural antibiotic, this root will help the gut to break down protein.





  • Lemons: Our little yellow citrus buddies contain juice that has a similar makeup to our digestive juices, so that our bellies are given some extra help.


  • Cucumber: Cooling and refreshing, cucumber is often used on puffy eyes to reduce swelling and has a similar effect on upset stomachs when digested.





Avoid discomfort in the belly by eating whole foods that are easy for the body to digest. Watch out for over-processed foods, sugar and preservatives as these can cause issues in the gut. Think veggies, fresh fruits, lean proteins, seeds and nuts! Like everything, it is also about eating what works for you — and that can take some experimenting. For times when you’ve eaten too much or perhaps downed something that your tummy disagrees with, we hope you turn to this post for some bloat-fighting yoga poses and belly-soothing foods 🙂



Mike & Suz 







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