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Stay Younger For Longer With YOGA!
May 25

Stay Younger For Longer With YOGA!

Do you want to stay younger for longer?

Who doesn’t…!?


…Or at least, we like it to look and feel this way! ‘Looking young’ is a billion dollar industry, and one that often aims to sell us endless amounts of products that don’t actually work. This can be frustrating, especially because these products aren’t about health, but more about ‘looks.’


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We believe that health and longevity come from the INSIDE, which is why we encourage a healthy diet and plenty of movement. By eating easy-to-digest foods, we give our bodies a break from working hard in the digestion department, allowing time and energy for it to spend on replenishing cells. This helps our skin, hair and bodies to stay feeling younger for longer!



“I used to have skin problems, but since making hot yoga a consistent part of my life, I have had clear skin and I have never been happier!”


What else helps us to stay younger for longer? YOGA, of course! As we get older, our bodies get tired and sore because we lose flexibility and strength. Yoga has the reverse effect, helping us to GAIN flexibility and strength. Hot yoga in particular is also great for the skin and hair, due to the sweat glands being worked and the skin pores being opened and cleansed.

We can’t stop the effects of aging completely, but we can slow them and help ourselves feel fit and healthy for as long as possible. As time goes by, sports and some workouts can take their toll on our bodies, causing injuries and fatigue. Yoga is a low impact, nurturing way to keep your body in shape while also helping with mindfulness and memory function.



 “Staying fit and strong is one of my main goals in life, and I don’t want age or injuries to get in my way! This is why yoga is one of my main workouts!”


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Why do we get injured as we get older?

Because we lose flexibility – yoga will help!

Why do we feel tired as we get older?

Because our energy levels drop – yoga will help!

Why do we become less active as we get older?

Because we feel weak and lose strength – yoga will help!


So forget the skin creams and the anti-aging pills, yoga will not only make you look younger but also to feel younger! Live your best life with yoga!


Mike & Suz

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