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Sassy Salads: Our Favourite Combo’s To Get You Ready For Your Next Yoga Practice!
Mar 09

Sassy Salads: Our Favourite Combo’s To Get You Ready For Your Next Yoga Practice!

Salads are sometimes referred to as the holy grail of healthy meals… they are also often referred to as boring.

Let us tell you that a ‘boring salad’ doesn’t exist when it comes to team M&S! We love to use salads to get our daily dose of veggies, greens and minerals- and our combos are anything but boring! Here are a few of our favourite salad ideas to help you fuel-up for a yoga session or replenish after an intense workout!

Suz’s Favourite: Mediterranean Twist

sassy salad 2

Mix together:

Chunky avocado



Olive oil


Add some tuna or boiled eggs for protein!

Mike’s Favourite: Cool as a cucumber

sassy salad 1

Mix together:

Chopped cucumber

Apple cider vinegar

Grated ginger

Sesame seeds

Add some lean meat or fish for protein!

One we both love: The non-couch potato

sassy salad 3

Mix together:

Roasted sweet potato



Pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds

Macadamia oil

Also a great side for any meal!

Get creative in the kitchen- remember that no healthy meal has to be boring! It’s what you make it!


Happy munching 😉


Mike & Suz


COMING SOON: 21 Day Detox Guide- full of recipes just like these! For enquiries email:

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