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Our Travel Update!
May 18

Our Travel Update!

As you may have noticed from your social media streams, we are on vacation! Well.. sort of! We take our work wherever we go, which is always a good feeling because it means we have achieved our goal of a flexible working lifestyle, allowing us to fit in more TRAVEL! Yay! This is the way we like to live, and the lifestyle that we like to help others achieve – so why not have fun while doing it!?



Work, travel, rest, repeat 😉


We initially took seven days off for Mike 30th birthday in Mexico. We met up with family and friends and it was a really beautiful celebration and a good time!


Happy 30th, Mike!

Happy 30th, Mike!


We then went to Cartengena, Columbia for four nights where we rested and caught up with our work. Cartengena was an amazing experience and a very different culture. It was nice to get away from our comfort zones and soak up some local scenes (but our laptops still needed some attention!)




Then, we were off to Guatemala city to go on a tour! But first we met up with Suzanne from our marketing strategist team, who lives in Guatemala.  We needed to chat with her about some future plans and podcasts – exciting stuff ahead!


Working and planning - with a few laughs along the way - with our marketing strategist, Suzanne :)

Working and planning – with a few laughs along the way – with our marketing strategist, Suzanne 🙂



Emerald Pool yoga in Guatemala – why not…? 😉



Suz with her beloved… chocolate! Healthy chocolate, that is!



Making new friends 🙂


Of course, we have stayed true to our healthy lifestyles, even while travelling. We loosened up a bit for Mike’s birthday celebrations, and have been enjoying lots of healthy, colourful meals. We also managed to fit some yoga into our travels – of course! Our hotel in Mexico had yoga included in our stay – how cool is that!? In Columbia we were unable to find any yoga so we did it ourselves – lucky for us, we are used to running our own personal practices!




That’s the update for now! Still a few weeks left of travelling, so stay tuned on our Facebook page!


Mike & Suz 🙂

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