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Log Out. Switch Off. Do Yoga
Apr 29

Log Out. Switch Off. Do Yoga

In this modern, fast-paced world, it can feel like we are constantly connected to some sort of device – iPads, phones, laptops, workout gadgets – it seems that every area of life has been taken over by the need for technology. This can be great because it means it is easier to stay in contact with friends, listen to music anytime, anywhere or have a quick and easy recipe light up our devices at the swipe of a finger. Sometimes though, with all this communication and constant updating, our devices can leave us feeling more disconnected than ever before. We know that it is important to have downtime – crucial, in fact – and being able to switch off and reconnect with people on a more organic level is a big part of our yogic living.




“…Because we work from our devices, it can feel like work follows us everywhere! Because of our careers, this is a blessing because it means that we can get things done from wherever we are and it is a more flexible way of working. When we do yoga from our home hot yoga studio, we switch our phones to aeroplane mode so that we can have our session uninterrupted…”



The value of ‘switching off.’

Having some time out from your devices can be challenging, with our phones seemingly attached to our hands these days! Giving yourself a chance to be free of technology and social media each day can be very liberating, and allows you to connect with yourself and the natural world around you more easily.



“…We leave our phones at home when we take Chico for a walk or if we are doing any personal development we say no to phones…”



Need to have a break from technology? Here are some ways to do it:

Go for a walk without your phone (or switch it to aeroplane mode)

Do a yoga class

Have a strict ‘no phones’ policy when you go out for dinner with family, friends or your partner

Have a green tea at a café WITHOUT checking your phone or laptop (this one can be challenging!). Watching the world go by without taking a photo or checking-in is something a lot of us have forgotten how to do!


Switch of your devices and listen to some music while being creative – paint, draw, knit, colour!


When in doubt:

Switch off, log out, do yoga! 😉

Mike & Suz


Want to immerse yourself in new way of living and working? Want to make yoga the central part of your life? Become a yoga instructor with us in BALI (and remember to leave your phone in the hotel room) email:


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