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Entrepreneurship & Yoga
Jul 14

Entrepreneurship & Yoga

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Stopping to reflect (and eat lunch!) on the Noosa River 🙂


It’s July. The middle of the year. We’ve taken a moment to stop, reflect and be grateful. When we decided to do this, we started thinking about all the new teacher trainees (now certified yoga instructors!) that we have met this year. We have also been thinking about how our company has grown, and with it our PPHY family. We thought about our new franchisees and those that we are currently helping to become studio owners. When we sat down and meditated on this, we realised how inspiring each and every person has been. Not because they knew exactly what they were doing or that they had everything worked out, but because they were people who let go of their fears and took the path towards their goals. While we were admiring this, we realised that entrepreneurship is a lot like yoga. It takes persistence, a goal and a passion. The more we thought about it, the more we realised that yoga teaches us a lot about following our goals and working to achieve them…


Keep your eye on the goal

Think about a yoga pose that you find to be tough. The more you think about ‘not being able’ to do that pose, the less likely you will be able to do it. When you’re in a balancing pose, and you move your eyes to a new spot instead of keeping them on your focus point, what happens? You fall over, most of the time! The same goes for entrepreneurship — when you start to loose focus of your goals (through fear, usually!), that’s when you begin to topple over. This is one of the main reasons why tackling fears head on is a huge part of our teacher training programs.



No pain, no gain

Just like in yoga, there are challenges in entrepreneurship, and just like in yoga, you have to go through these challenges to see results. When people decide to change their lives, often the first mistake or big challenge scares them away from their true path. Imagine if you gave up on a yoga pose after only practicing it a couple of times? You would never see results. Know that there are mistakes to be made and to overcome — wear them with pride and use them as marking points to look back on how far you have come.



Work hard and ‘show them’

When deciding to change your life to follow your dreams, here’s what will happen: people around you will freak out. Friends, family, work colleagues — they will all be giving all sorts of advice and suggestions, and this can cloud your vision. Humans are routine creatures, we don’t like change. Even when you take on an something a little bit alternative like yoga, people are curious as to why you are choosing a different path to them. But this is how people get stuck in lifestyles that they don’t love. Of course it is encouraged that you take advice and support, especially from those around you who love you and have your best interests at heart. Just don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t work towards being happy.



You will never know, unless you experience it for yourself

People will tell you how amazing a yoga pose is and how it will make you feel once you master it. They can tell you all they like, but you will only ever fully understand the value of that pose when you are actually in it. The same goes for chasing your dreams. You can visualise how it will be and aspire to be like others who have achieved similar goals already, but you will only know how it actually feels when you are doing it. It’s about taking that leap and letting go of your fears. How will you ever realise your dream if you don’t go for it? We only have one chance. Will you take yours?


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Image: Instagram // @prezola


We are so proud of everyone who has allowed us to be a part of their journey this year. We are so grateful and inspired — and it’s only the half way point of 2016! We love seeing people change their lifestyles and their careers into something that they are passionate about. If you love yoga and want to make it your life, feel free to contact us at or sign up for our FREE webinars.


<3 Mike & Suz







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