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Different Greens To Use When Making A Green Smoothie
Apr 05

Different Greens To Use When Making A Green Smoothie



It’s pretty darn obvious that we love a green smoothie – we make no secret of this! We drink them after a hot yoga class, on the way to the gym, at home while we are relaxing – whenever we need a convenient little pick-me-up, green smoothies are there for us! Because we drink them so often, we have learnt that changing up the greens in our smoothies and juices can keep us from getting bored. PLUS, different greens provide different nutrients, so it pays to mix it up! It’s not all about spinach and kale, there are plenty of other greens to throw in your blender!





High in zinc, protein and magnesium


Hydrating, good for skin, anti-inflammatory


Rich in potassium

Green apples

High in fiber

Snow peas

Good source of vitamin K, fibre and folate


High in protein and fibre


High in calcium and zinc


Boosts immunity and supports thyroid function

Green beans

Good source of magnesium and calcium


Helps cuts and wounds to heal

Swiss Chard

High in vitamin K

Beet Greens

High in calcium and magnesium

Bok Choy

Hydrating and source of protein



Some greens are better for smoothies than juices, and vice versa. Experiment to find out what you like and don’t like – at least you will be getting those extra greens along the way!



Mike & Suz 🙂

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