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Becoming A Yoga Teacher: The Problems You Will No Longer Have
Jun 23

Becoming A Yoga Teacher: The Problems You Will No Longer Have

Through our busy and proactive lifestyles, we meet all different kinds of people. We meet people while travelling, while teaching, through business – we are always finding new people and we are so grateful for that! We have found that this helps us to build our own perspective and to better understand what people want – as well as what they don’t want. In all areas of life, we meet people who are tired, unfulfilled, bored, restless and just genuinely unhappy. This is usually a result of being in a job that they hate and feeling that they they don’t have any time to do the things that are important to them. Do you know what? We get it. We were once like this too, so we understand the feeling of wanting more… and we believe that this ‘feeling’ is more prevalent in todays society than it should be.

EVERYONE deserves to live a happy, fulfilled and interesting life – and it is this mentality that is at the very core of what we do!

We have helped people not only realise what they need to change, but also given them the tools to do it! We have watched countless teacher trainees change their lives, time and time again. We have experienced so many different journeys through our teacher training programs – each one individual and unique. However, there are some common themes and we want to talk about them! Everyone has problems, but people don’t realise that many of these can be fixed! It just takes courage, determination and a new mindset. Here are some common problems that yoga teachers no longer have to deal with!


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No time…

This is the big one. Many people feel that their job (usually a job that they hate or find boring) takes up all their time. Did you know that you could work minimum hours as a yoga instructor and still earn a the same as a 38-hour week on a minimum wage…? Something to think about!


Working non-stop…

We hear about it all the time. People complain that they wake up early to start their long commute to work, spend 8 hours doing something they hate and then come home so late that they barely have enough time to cook a healthy dinner or spend time with the people they love. Yoga teachers work their OWN hours at the time that suits THEM. They have more time to do the things that are important to them.


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No passion…

Working in a job that bores you to tears? Working in an industry that you have no passion for? What if you could get paid for doing something that you LOVE? Yoga teachers live and breathe their passion – and make an income from it, too!


No time for exercise…

Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doesn’t leave much time to spend on yourself, does it? Not to mention long commutes to work! Where are you supposed to find time to fit in exercise? As a yoga instructor, you get PAID to exercise, while helping others to do the same! Win, win!


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No fulfilment…

There aren’t many jobs out there that give their employees a sense of fulfilment. Yoga instructors help people to achieve their health and fitness goals, but also help people on an emotional level. Yoga teachers often form strong bonds with their students and become life mentors. Personal fulfillment and lots of new like-minded friends? Check!


Not knowing who you are…

As we’ve said, working full-time doesn’t leave much time for people to spend on themselves, but we’re not just talking about not having enough time. We often meet people that have gone through life focusing on materialistic things – money, work hours, career…. these are all important (we’re not denying that) but knowing who you are is equally, if not more, important. Our teacher training program begins with this. We believe that a good yoga teacher is one who has broken through their own fears and accepted the journey of finding themselves. This is what we teach in our programs.


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We believe that many problems in people’s lives are more about perspective and FEAR. We want to help you break through these fears and start living the life that you have always dreamed of. This is why we have spent a lot of time, energy and passion on revamping our teacher training program. It is now more accessible and convenient than ever before – and we can’t wait to work through it with you!

Want to know more? Register for our FREE live webinar happening on the 29th June! This webinar will be hosted by us, and we will be discussing how to become a yoga teacher and change your life! Our webinars are FREE so they fill up fast! Register today! Have questions? Email us at


Hope to hear from you soon!


Mike and Suz 

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