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Asking Yourself The ‘BIG Question’
Apr 26

Asking Yourself The ‘BIG Question’

‘The first wealth is health.’

– Emerson


We are in the business of helping people to become the version of themselves that they want to be. This is why yoga plays a HUGE part in our lives, because it allows people to set an intention and to GO FOR IT! We teach our clients, trainees and students that life is all about perspective, and in order to change your life, you must first change your mind. In all areas of our work – detox programs, franchisee studio owners, teacher trainees and yoga students – we encourage people to ask ‘THE BIG QUESTION.’


-What do I want out of life?


This can be both inspiring and confronting, because it highlights the part of people’s lives that they wish to change. More often than not, this starts with their health. If people are not feeling healthy, fit and nourished, it is impossible for them to be on their A-game, which effects all the other areas of their lives. To change this, we believe that altering the way people think about life, their goals and themselves is the first big step. We use this in our own lives and have made it a big part of our business in helping others.



“…When we feel that it is time to take a new step or make changes, we first reevaluate our lives. We sit by the beach and ask ourselves questions such as ‘where am I at?’ ‘where do I want to be’ and ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ This helps us to refocus and have a clear direction…”


A crucial part of our busy lifestyles and careers is staying on top of our health. Because of the industry we are in, our fitness and health are our top priorities – and we think this should be the case for anyone, regardless of the work they do. We are always getting things done because we are rarely sick and have a constant stream of energy.

Of course, we have our off days, and we use these to take a moment, care of ourselves and listen to our bodies. Our health and fitness are so important, not only because we strive to be an example for others, but also because our health helps us push through difficult times.


We encourage everyone to take control of their minds, their health and then their lives – ANYONE can do it, it just takes the first positive step…


The time to go for it is NOW!

Mike & Suz 🙂


Want to reset your health so that you can get on with resetting your life? Our 21 Day Detox is here to help! Email: to enquire today!

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