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Achieve Your Life Goals… With Yoga
May 11

Achieve Your Life Goals… With Yoga

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Yoga is a powerful tool for setting goals – and achieving them! This is because yoga combines lots of different ayurvedic principals that can help us live a more powerful, yogic lifestyle. We have based our entire way of living on these principals, so we know first hand just how powerful yoga is for setting life goals. For this reason, this is also a really big concept in regards to our teacher training programs, detox guide and franchise opportunities.



“hot yoga helps me to feel healthy, fit and fresh and keeps my mind strong for working towards each goal!”


Meditation is one of the most important elements when it comes to practicing yoga for achieving personal goals. Meditation helps us to connect with our own mind and spirit, allowing us to improve focus and see our objectives more clearly. This can help us with motivation and remembering what we are working towards. The physical element of yoga can also be a useful aspect for helping us to achieve. Feeling fit and healthy is a great starting point for improving motivation and determination levels, and helps us to stay on our A-game!


“Our careers, health and fitness, travel and our relationships would be some of our more consistent goals… sometimes they overlap and sometimes they change. No matter what, yoga helps us to achieve them and enjoy the journey along the way!”


One of our recent social media posts. Working on building an unstoppable future while travelling - done and DONE!

One of our recent social media posts. Working on building an unstoppable future while travelling – done and DONE!


Setting an intention at the start of your practice is a really powerful thing to do, because it encourages us to prioritise our lives according to what is important to us – all in a safe, positive environment. Your intention may be consistent with each practice, or perhaps it changes from day to day. It could be to do with your practice, or something in your external life (career, relationships, mindfulness etc). We believe that no matter what intention you set (big or small) you are giving yourself the opportunity to move forward and chase your dreams.

If you are a bit unsure, or you are looking for ways use yoga as a tool in achiving your goals, here are some simple techniques and intentions you might like to think about:



At the start of your yoga practice or meditation (remember, this can even be something like taking a walk! Whatever helps you to be present!) list ten things you are grateful for in your life. Don’t be strict or apprehensive – just the first things that first come to your mind. It may be your family, your health, fresh air or your creativity. Your list might vary from day to day and as life changes, so just go with it and focus on each item on the list with a smile before moving onto the next.


Find the peace in the pose

If your goal is to improve your yoga practice, this one is for you. Once you have been practicing for a while, make an aim to concentrate on finding the peace in each pose. This means finding space in your body and holding a pose with ease and a calm mind. It is about observing the different physical feelings and emotions that arise with each posture and then accepting them. This may mean using different variations and finding what works best for your body.



Everyone has their own set of goals in life, ranging from fitness goals to career objectives, relationship improvements to bank account savings! Whatever your goal, yoga can be a powerful way of achieving it. At the start of class or during meditation, visualise achieving your goal. How will it look? How will you feel about it? How will others feel about it? How will your life change? This is a great way for keeping motivation levels up and refocusing on what is important to you!



With all the chatter that goes on it our minds on a day-to-day basis, it is no wonder we sometimes lose sight of what we want to achive. Yoga helps us to be mindful and present, allowing us to keep our eyes (and minds) on the prize!


Morning Motivation

Doing a morning yoga practice is a positive way to start your day. It allows you to set an intention, refocus and nurture your body – ready to take on the day and work towards your goals, no matter what they are!


We are firm believers that everyone has the potential to follow their dreams, once they get past their own fears and barriers! Yoga has helped us to gain control over our lives and design the lifestyle that we want to live – and it continues to help us achieve our goals! What is YOUR goal?


Remember to enjoy the journey!

Mike & Suz



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