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About Us

Hi Friends

We’re Mike & Suz and we are the co-founders and master trainers of the Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios and franchise! Besides this, we are also self-confessed health nuts and yoga enthusiasts with a goal to share our lifestyle with as many people as possible!

We consider ourselves to be a unique, dynamic, fun and loving husband and wife team! We have been successfully running our Peak Physique Hot Yoga franchise for ever 5 years, where students from all over Australia have been rolling our their mats to improve their health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Our students are always asking about our diets and workout regimes, thinking that we must go to extreme lengths to achieve the lifestyles that we live. Our answer to this is that it is actually quite simple and something that anyone can achieve! For us, it is all about incorporatingmodern clean eating with ayurvedic traditions. We have both personally experienced the benefits that healthy eating, exercise, hot yoga (and a sneaky cheat day every now and then!) will bring to a lifestyle. We believe it is important to first change your mindset in order to change your health and physique.

Our approach to health is holistic, simple and fun – and it WORKS. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t involve costly supplements or strict regimes that leave no time for life in between! Just like in yoga, be believe that balance in life is crucial, which is why we make it one of our fundamental objectives.

We practice what we preach and strive to be a living example of what optimum health looks and feels like! Feeling on top of our game in all areas of our life is our aim, and sharing this with others it what drives us! We hope to inspire and motivate others to come on a journey of health – always working towards the life that they want and deserve!

Everything starts with health – after that, things start to fall into place. This is something that we believe with our whole hearts because it is something that we have seen in ourselves and in others. It is a journey that we hope to share with you. We’re ready when you are!



It is important to get your Mind set RIGHT! We give you tips on how to feel amazing inside & out. We help you set your goals and achieve them in no time!

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For 21 days we have mapped out a series of super simple detox juice recipes and easy quick meal recipes. Enjoy our scrumptious yummy food, you won’t even realise your detoxing! Get stamina and energy into your life today!

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Included in our 21 Day Detox is easy home yoga and weekly circuit Movements. Begin your day fresh with our daily morning yoga and weekly exercise circuit routines. Get into shape and feel sexier like never before!

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