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Sep 09


As most of our readers would know, we are currently in the middle of Part 1 of our yoga teacher training program, and it has been amazing to teach the ways of yoga to our many trainees in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne (Sunshine Coast, you’re next!). You can check out what we have been up to by visiting the PPHY blog, and you will see that we have been focusing a lot on meditation, yoga philosophy and mindfulness. With this, comes the topic of MANTRAS, which are really interesting!




So what is a mantra? The concept can be interpreted in many ways, as mantras are a personal meditation technique. Originally used in in Hinduism and Buddhism, a mantra is a word, sound or even an action, which is repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Mantras are an easy way to set an intention and refocus on a specific goal. Goal setting is a really fundamental part of our yoga teacher training course, so we like to provide our trainees with lots of different approaches.


“Setting specific life goals is where we begin with our yoga teacher training journey. This creates a solid foundation for the trainees to grow and learn from. Setting goals, focusing on them and taking steps towards achieving them can be used for all different areas of life.”



Mantras are easily accessible because they are simple — sometimes just a word or a thought. The repetition of the word inside your mind creates a sense of focus and develops new thought pathways in the brain. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is — and it is SO effective! The hardest part is thinking of mantras, so we have suggested some simple words below:


Read through this list and find words that make you FEEL something. Some words will jump out at you as something important or something you want to bring into your life, while others might not have that effect. Choose a word and in your next meditation or yoga practice, repeat it over and over again. Visualise the word and then the meaning of the word — what it looks and feels like, the experience of achieving it. You may have another word that means something to you, and whatever word you choose, make sure it is positive and constructive towards living YOUR BEST LIFE!


“I choose a new mantra every couple of weeks to use in my meditation and yoga practice. They are usually to do with relationships, family and friends because these are the parts of my life that are important to me and what I want to encourage.”



Trust us, meditational techniques like this really do work, and with consistency you will start to see changes in your life. We have covered this a lot in our teacher training — click here to find out what they had to say about it!





Mike & Suz

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